Taiwan Good Cyber Sales 2016

A project to help Taiwanese firms and manufacturers to use mobile technology for international business opportunities, mobile commerce platforms, and technical output.

Crafting Wellness Experience

The Crafting Wellness Xperience is a serendipitous get together of vibrational components that will empower, enrich and enlighten all of us. Three days of the Magic of Wellness through our Crafting Wellness products, services, and readings.

Breathing new life into old streets

Through the cultural mapping of migrant workers in Kota Raya, we saw a fluid community which is full of energy, but we also saw its dark corners.

A Silent Killer in the Air

A Silent Killer in the Air A Silent Killer in the Air Do you know that indoor air pollution is among the world's top five environmental health risks? Estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and others suggest that between 30 and 150 times more people are...

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