Folk remedy for gout

Gout patients would be at a loss when the fearsome gout strikes them with sheer physical and mental pain rages on. From folk remedy to traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and self medication, gout patients have been searching far and wide to treat their...

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Join the 10km Coway run!

The number 1 water purifier brand* in Malaysia will organize a 10 Kilometre run to raise awareness regarding the importance of water to our health.

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Skyrocketing Malaysian Cancer Rates

Malaysian cancer numbers have been seeing a year on year increase according to Malaysian National Cancer registry. Cancer is currently the third most common cause of death in Malaysia, following circulatory system disease and respiratory diseases, accounting for close...

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More convenient to repay PTPTN loans now

More convenient to repay PTPTN loans now In a bid to make the repayment of PTPTN loan more convenient, the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) has introduced loan repayments via online direct debit. This is in addition to the existing repayment...

Huawei improves on the perfect with the P10

Huawei’s P10 has managed to surpass its predecessor by improving on what was already one of the best smartphones on the market. Huawei’s trademark spin in their smartphone designs comes by adding their own touch to the technology that already exists in mobile...