The Mah Meri’s ‘Puja Pantai’ ritual

The Mah Meri’s ‘Puja Pantai’ ritual

Women of the Mah Meri tribe wearing a traditional clothes before preforming traditional dances on Pulau Carey beach.

Members of the Mah Meri tribe walk towards the beach to begin the ceremony – the Hari Moyang Puja Pantai festival to celebrate the spirit of their ancestors.

An altar erected during lowtide for the ‘Puja Pantai’ ritual at a beach in Pulau Carey. In the background is the Straits of Malacca which is one of the busiest straits in the world.

Members of the Mah Meri tribe and tourists waiting near the beach for low tide in Carey Island.

Members of the Mah Meri community perform traditional music during the ‘Puja Pantai’ ritual, which is to celebrate their ancestors.

Members of the Mah Meri tribe apply make-up and make final preparations on the beach before performing a traditional dance.

Members of the Mah Meri tribe perform a dance at Pulau Carey.

Faces of the Mah Meri people in Pulau Carey before the ritual starts.

The altar erected near the beach for the ‘Puja Pantai’ ritual.

A shaman from the Mah Meri tribe on a shrine erected for the ‘Puja Pantai’ ritual.

A Mah Meri shaman stands on the beach during the Hari Moyang Puja Pantai festival at Pulau Carey.

A Mah Meri tribesman siting while in a trance as the spirit of a Moyang enters his body.

A portrait of a Mah Meri tribesman with a wooden mask which he wears when he performs the ‘Main Jo-oh’ dance.

Smoke from the burning incense to summon spirits.

A Mah Meri Tok Batin (village elder) during the ‘Puja Pantai’ festival.

Mah Meri tribesman mid-dance during the festival.

Mah Meri men assisting a fellow tribesman who was in a trance, during the ritual.

The ‘Puja Pantai’ ritual, viewed from afar.

Members of the Mah Meri tribe leave the beach after the ‘Puja Pantai’ ritual ends.

Will this tradition be maintained by the younger generation so that it can be passed on to their children or will it be lost through modernisation?

The psychology of narcissism

The psychology of narcissism

Video by TED-Ed

Narcissism isn’t just a personality type that shows up in advice columns; it’s actually a set of traits classified and studied by psychologists. But what causes it? And can narcissists improve on their negative traits? W. Keith Campbell describes the psychology behind the elevated and sometimes detrimental self-involvement of narcissists.

Lesson by W. Keith Campbell, animation by TOGETHER.

Got a narcissistic friend?

Battle of the 2017 CNY Videos

Battle of the 2017 CNY Videos

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Love and Laughter – A Father’s Tale

Love and Laughter – A Father’s Tale

To most people, the relationship between father and son is often full of tension. Maybe fathers are often stereotyped to be serious and stern. But is that always true in real life?

An old Chinese saying goes: “kind father raises dutiful son”. Under all the seriousness, the father’s love is inadvertently conveyed through life moments. And one of the reasons many children bury themselves at work is to be able to return their parents’ loving care one day.

This short film underlines a father’s love for his son knows no boundaries.

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